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Collect. Compete. Trade. Earn.

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What is

Take a look at our video and get a glimpse of what you can expect at stryking.

Collect. Compete. Trade. Earn.

Do you love sports and are up for challenges? is a fan experience platform that mixes the thrill and mechanics of a collectible and trading card game with fantasy sports gameplay. Get your favourite player and special cards, choose the formation you want and compete in daily challenges with other sports experts. You decide who you want to go on a scoring hunt. Rarely has your expertise been put to such a test.

The player cards are blockchain-based digital collectibles and trading cards. Every individual card is a non-fungible token (NFT), which means there is a limited global amount of every card on the blockchain and that it becomes the full property of the buyer and cannot be destroyed or altered by any instance after it is bought. So be quick to get your favourite player!

We provide you with a wide variety of challenges at all times so that you can play the ones you really like.


Interested? Play Football-Stars Now​

Become a top manager and hire your favourite players. Reus, Lewandowski, Havertz and Co. – thanks to the official Bundesliga license, all original clubs and their top stars are included. You can´t get closer to the real match!

  • Choose your favourite league 
  • Challenge your friends or play against the crowd
  • Setup your best team 
  • Play & Win
  • Choose amazing rewards 

Our Roadmap

The journey begins

We start our journey with this teaser website and the first licensing partnerships for our new platform which merges blockchain-based digital collectibles with fantasy sports gameplay. Here you will get all the news and fresh information. We are working hard to make our new game available to you as soon as possible. So sign up for our newsletter in any case.

First pre-sales approaching

Our next step on the timeline is to start with the first pre-sale phase in which you can buy exclusive player cards. The first player cards are unique and will not be available again later on. More player cards and other exclusive NFTs will be sold in batches following the initial pre-sale phases. So watch out for news frequently to not miss the most exclusive player cards.

The Game Mode Is On

Last but not least: The competitive game mode will be started! Once you have stocked up well with strong, rare and special cards from the pre-sale phase, you can now add more exciting players to your roster. The best thing is: Now you can finally use them in various challenges against your friends and other users to improve their level and stats. And you will be able to buy and sell player cards directly with other fans all around the globe.

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